1. Business processes management

  • Central repository of business architecture (on internal portal)
  • Team tools for development of business process models, fixing ideas, discussions of changes etc.
  • Execution created business processes on build-in BPMS engine
  • Continuous process improvement to process excellence
  • Open source, freeware, cost-effective

2. Enterprise content management

  • Central repository of information assets (on internal portal)
  • Various types of content (files, lists, metadata etc.)
  • Access to documents from everywhere
  • Integration with tools for online editing documents (Google Docs)
  • Docflow processes

3. Custom applications

  • Primarily focused on your needs
  • Various used technologies (desktop, web, mobile etc.)
  • Integration with external systems
  • Well documented (user guide, administrator guide, developer guide etc.)
  • No license payments (using open source, freeware)
  • Tech support after implementation