About us

My name is Anton Kholodkov. I am an IT-system analyst, software architect, designer and developer. My current location is Moscow, Russia. I was graduated by Moscow State University (2004) and High School of Economy, Moscow (2009). I have 20+ years experience and 50+ projects experience for various clients around of the wold. My main interests in IT are ECM, BPM, RPA, AI.

We are international software development team who builds smart solutions both for end-customers and IT-companies as subcontractor.

We have got complete technology infrastructure required for software development including:

  • Hardware servers
  • Virtualization system
  • Dev, test and prod environments (both on Windows and Linux platforms)
  • CVS repository
  • Team collaboration portal
  • Project management tools
  • Bug tracker and client support portal

We develop our solutions based on the next technologies and platforms:

  • BPM: Bizagi, Activiti
  • ECM: Alfresco
  • RPA: UiPath
  • Web front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular, Vue.js etc.
  • Web back-end: Java EE, Spring Framework, Node.js etc.
  • Microsoft.Net: .Net Framework, C#, IIS etc.
  • DBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle

Having 15+ years experience in management of software development projects I can guarantee to my clients that their requirements will be done with required quality and in time and budget limits.

I would like to answer any questions and to discuss taking part in any projects. You should only contact with me@a-kh.com