1. IT consulting

  • Modelling and optimization of business processes of MCNT and Galen companies (medical equipment suppliers, M&A project)
  • Modelling and optimization of business processes of Mosgortur (largest travel operator of child`s rest in Europe, belong to Moscow Government)
  • Business analysis, modelling of business processes of KANZLER company (retail, 110+ stores of man`s clothing)
  • Description of business processes and information systems of Troyka Travel company (travel operator)
  • Business process analysis and requirements specification of KRUG company (food production)
  • Preparation of required set of the documents for the SAP partner center of expertise for certification within SAP PCoE program (system integration)
  • Implementation of docflow system in MegaFon company (cell telecom)
  • Implementation of docflow system in Russian Nuclear Agency (Rosatom)

2. Software design

  • Development of a requirements specification for a corporate information system of FGUP “Kosmsicheskaya svyaz” (space telecom services provider)
  • Designing of Moscow region goverment`s purchase information system (government)
  • Designing of information system for electronical interactions between public authorities and notaries in Moscow on IBM BPM platform (government)
  • Designing of Moscow Investment Portal (government)
  • Designing of information system for russian telecom company`s contact center (Rostelecom)
  • Designing of real-estate management information system for Moscow Government

3. Software development

  • Development of BPM system based on Bizagi platform for DIXY group – one of the first-rate russian retail companies (automation marketing business processes)
  • Development of solution for monitoring technological equipment of civil engineering infrastructure (power supply, climate, heat and water supply, ventilation etc.)
  • Development of BPM system for REKOD company that is a part of Russian Space Agency (Roskosmos)
  • Development of electronical classroom journal (e-learning)
  • Developmet of electronical booking service for Moscow Musical Children`s School (education)
  • Development of real estate management information system for SGUP of Moscow (government, real estate)
  • Development of software product “TerraLink xDE” (extension for SAP)
  • Development of graphical module of OSS (Siemens Ironman) for russian largest telecom company (Rostelecom)
  • Development of custom CRM system