About me

My name is Anton Kholodkov. I am an IT-system analyst, software architect, designer and developer. My current location is Moscow, Russia. I was graduated by Moscow State University (2004) and High School of Economy, Moscow (2009). I have 15+ years experience and 30+ projects experience. My main interests in IT are ECM, BPM, CRM, PM.

Currently I am working as a freelancer and a leader of a distributed freelance development team.

I have got complete technology infrastructure required for software development including:

  • Hardware servers
  • Virtualization system
  • Dev, test and prod environments (both on Windows and Linux platforms)
  • CVS repository
  • Team collaboration portal
  • Project management tools
  • Bug tracker and client support portal

We develop our solutions based on these technologies:

  • Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, REST, Bootstrap, AngularJS, YUI Library etc.
  • Java: Java EE, Spring Framework, Apache Tomcat etc.
  • Microsoft.Net: .Net Framework, C#, IIS etc.
  • DBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle
  • ECM\BPM: Alfresco, Activiti, Bizagi

Having 10+ years experience in software projects management helps me to guarantee my clients required quality of the result within the time and budget limits.

I would like to answer any questions and to discuss taking part in any projects. You should only contact with me@a-kh.com

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